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English Poetry Book

Eulogy for the Human Race

The English poetry book Eulogy for the Human Race has been described as "something that Picasso and Stravinsky might produce together one night while smoking crack and eating wild mushrooms."

Below are some of the most exciting contemporary poems online in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

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Each one of Wolf's poems is like a tornado, and the pouring imagery splashes all over the reader like happy dreams and horrible nightmares. Each word is a hungry beast and every phrase of poetry is alive and passionate. Buy this poetry book today!


English Poetry Book

from Eulogy for the Human Race

Thursday by Wolf Larsen

I reach into all the buildings and begin pulling extinct people out of them and

they all smile squirming alphabets at me, then I sing a speeding-lurching-

dashing-roaming-saxophone and topple all the cities with exploding music until

our bodies are drenched with night, my love I grab mountains in my hands and I

give them to you, I throw steel mills and high-rises across the sky to tell you

that I love you, I grab all the oceans in my hands as an offering to you, I hold

the voices of your family in your ear so you will smile and paint new york city

with your smile - I pour my symphonies across the universe so that the sun and

the planets will all be drenched with my love, I turn your husband into the blue

sky so he can watch our bodies creating the moon and the mountains together,

I want to give you six billion people smiling at you with all my love for you, I

erase every border in the world for you, I give you God knelling at your feet

The contemporary painting the sacrifice by Kazuo Shiraga

reciting all my poems for you, I want to give you

thecontinent of Europe swelling in your body with

all our love and lust and flesh swirling in the

night sky together, I give you God's power of

creation in your hands - so that you can make

the world florescent with our lovemaking, I give

you every smiling sunny day and place it into

your heart, I give you all thewomen in the world

singing in a chorus around us as we make love, I

place into your hands every -----, every church, every synagogue - so that every

night we will make love in the most beautiful temples in the world, I give you

every man in the world as our personal eunuch serving us grapes and wine, I

give you every musician painting the world with all our happiness, and I will

wrap my arms around you until there is no more world, until the stars have

ceased to exist, until the entire continent melts and flows into you, and we will

smile extravagantly all the way to union station, and you will return to your

home in the suburbs, and your husband will ask you how your day went?

Copyright © Wolf Larsen 1998, contemporary poetry book Eulogy in English and Spanish

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a thousand blue skies

Air raid sirens are symphonies are hate and greed, they are the screechings of humanity on the edge of extinction

Every poem, every concerto, every painting and sculpture will all be waste

When the nuclear bombs are on the way grab the sky and turn it upside down

Kill your own children

Watch as your mother rips out her body organs one by one and places them into your hands

Eat the furniture in your room

Swallow cyanide with a loved one

Begin masturbating

Swallow your family

Think of the human race drowning and there are no lifeboats

Explain to your children what nucler war means, tell them they have ten minutes to live

Try to write a poem that no one will ever read in the remaining nine minutes

Pray to a god that can not exist

Pray for mercy that will not come

Copyright © Wolf Larsen 1998, contemporary poems online in English and Spanish


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English poetry

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The history of English poetry stretches from the middle of the 7th century to the present day. Over this period, English poets have written some of the most enduring poems in Western culture, and the language and its poetry have spread around the globe. Consequently, the term English poetry is unavoidably ambiguous. It can mean poetry written in England, or poetry written in the English language.

The earliest surviving poetry from the area currently known as England was likely transmitted orally and then written down in versions that do not now survive; thus, dating the earliest poetry remains difficult and often controversial. The earliest surviving manuscripts date from the 10th century. Poetry written in Latin, Brythonic (a predecessor language of Welsh) and Old Irish survives which may date as early as the 6th century. The earliest surviving poetry written in Anglo-Saxon, the most direct predecessor of modern English, may have been composed as early as the 7th century.

With the growth of trade and the British Empire, the English language had been widely used outside England. In the 21st century, only a small percentage of the world's native English speakers live in England, and there is also a vast population of non-native speakers of English who are capable of writing poetry in the language. A number of major national poetries, including the American, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Indian poetry have emerged and developed. Since 1921, Irish poetry has also been increasingly viewed as a separate area of study.


English poets

( from EHow)

Geoffrey Chaucer

  • Born in 1343, Geoffrey Chaucer is the earliest writer of recognizably English poetry who is widely studied by undergraduates. Putting aside the difficultly of the slightly archaic nature of his middle English verse, his works are very accessible. They are also often very bawdy, containing frequent references to flatulence and sexual promiscuity. He is best known for his long poems, "The Canterbury Tales" and "Troilus and Criseyde."

William Shakespeare

  • William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest poet to ever have written in English. But Shakespeare's reputation hasn't always been as dogmatically defended as it is today. In fact, during the 17th and 18th centuries, many critics considered him a less skilled poet than many of his contemporaries, including Ben Jonson. However, by the dawn of the 19th century, Shakespeare had become canonized by the critics as the greatest poet in English.

John Milton

  • John Milton, born in 1608, is most famous for his long epic poem on the temptation and fall of man, "Paradise Lost." At the time of its publication, it was controversial for its ambiguous portrayal of Satan, the unlikely hero of the first few books of the poem. Today, Milton is often revered as a poet second only to Shakespeare.

Alexander Pope

  • Alexander Pope, born in 1688, is most famous for his "Mock Epics" in which he would narrate the most banal happenings in the most elevated language imaginable. The most famous example of this is his "The Rape of the Lock," a long poem about a lock of a woman's hair being stolen by a joking suitor, written in the elevated language Homer's "Odyssey" (of which Pope, incidentally, also wrote one of the most widely used English translations).

William Blake

  • Born in 1757, William Blake was the first of the Romantic poets. He was also an artist, and he illustrated almost all of his poems. Finally, he was a mystic, and believed that he had been visited by angels and the prophets of the Hebrew scriptures. His poetry deals with the relationship between innocence and experience, as well as that between heaven and hell. He is also famous for taking Milton's Satan and making him a less ambiguously heroic character. This nearly got him into trouble with the law during his lifetime.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • Alfred Lord Tennyson was the most influential poet of the late 1800s. He wrote mostly on classical or medieval subjects and his greatest works center on characters such as Homer's Odysseus and the "Lady of Shallot," a figure loosely based on medieval Arthurian legend. Tennyson is today one of the most often quoted British poets.

W.H. Auden

  • The 20th century was mostly dominated by poets from outside of Britain, especially America and Ireland (and in the case of Dylan Thomas, Wales). But one British Poet does shine forth as immensely significant: W. H. Auden. His career, spanning more than 40 years, was marked by repeated critical success. Today, his most famous poem is "September 1st, 1939," which starts as a mediation on the outbreak of World War II but then shifts into a contemplation of life itself.

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