This adult book seethes with all the violence, lust, and racial tension of New York!

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About Pricks, Cunts, Motherfuckers

The adult book set in New York City.

Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers is one very blunt book! This novel is in your face with all the black and white tensions that are carving up the big rotten apple.

Brooklyn - Harlem - & the Upper West Side - the novelist Wolf Larsen has lived everywhere in New York. In Wolf's adult book Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers you can taste and feel and touch New York City!

The principal character is a white man named Bernie from Indiana who moves to New York City. In New York Bernie meets a pretty African-American woman named Sandra. Sandra and Bernie become romantic together - and are constantly yelled at and even threatened by jealous angry black men.

This interracial love story occurs at a time when most Americans – white or black – were against interracial dating. In addition, Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers was written before the tragic deaths of Trevon Martin and Jordan Davis at the hands of sadistic murderers Dunn and Zimmerman.

This adult novel is both hilarious and a damning portrayal of the impossible racial tenions that divide New York City.

Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers is a book for adults. The pages are filled with all those beautiful immoral things that make life worth living. This may be the most honest novel ever written - the writing shows people as the animals that we all are. Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers is blunt and funny.


Adult Book

An excerpt from the novel Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers
by Wolf Larsen

The next night the chick with the smelly pussy called. She asked me, "Can I come over?"

As I stood there on the phone my big head said, "No! Not the one with the smelly pussy!" The next thing I know I was saying, "O.K. Come over."

"Can you meet me at the train station," she said.

The grammar school teacher that's still in your head after all these years is telling you, "THAT'S A QUESTION!" But she didn't say it like no question. DOUBLE NEGATIVE! Do me a favor reader; tell that grammar school bitch to get out of your head already.

Anyway - to continue on with this novel here - my dick put me on a leash and walked me to the train station.

I waited…. And I waited… When you're horny and pussy is on the way time passes really really slowly. It seemed like forever before I saw her smiling face coming up the subway steps. In reality, she was only ten minutes late - which is like arriving early for a young female of her age (18).

In my bedroom the first thing I did was take her pants and panties off and bend her over. I lubricated my penis and her pussy with some sex shop stuff and I was in. I was in too much of a hurry to be bothered with foreplay that night.

From the moment I entered her she turned around and smiled at me. She just kept looking me in the eyes and smiling at me while I fucked her doggy style. I guess she liked the way I hadn't wasted any time.

I hadn't been inside of her for more then two minutes when the &%^$#@% phone rang! Damn!! One of my roommates - (the less weird one - the one who kept a framed photograph with a naked picture of himself on the dresser) called out my name - "BERNIIIIEEEE!" It was for me - damn! I knew I had to stop and answer the &*%^$#@^% phone because if I didn't the roommate would come and knock on my door, which might cause it to fall down. (I lived in the former living room of the apartment - with some flimsy "sliding doors" for privacy.)

Anyway, I answered the phone. It was the Jewish lady. "WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED?!" she exclaimed.

"Because I've been too busy fucking a woman with a big butt and another one with a nasty smelling pussy. Could you call back later, because right now I'm busy fucking the one with a smelly pussy," would have been the honest thing to say. Instead I said, "Oh I'm sorry. You see I blah blah blah blah and that's why I haven't been able to call you."

"Oh I understand," she said. Then she started telling me about her day, or how reactionary it was that some Dixiecrat millionaire had lost the election for President or dogcatcher or something like that to the evil Republicans, or some other nonsense I couldn't care less about. I felt like interrupting her and SCREAMING, "LOOK! I'M BUSY GETTING LAID HERE! DO YOU MIND?!"

Then she said, "I'm coming over!"

"You can't come over now!" I blurted out a bit TOO strongly.

"WHY NOT?!" she exclaimed.

"Look! I'll call you! I gotta go! Bye"

"I'M COMING OVER!" she said. "I -"

I hung up the phone. There wasn't any more time! I was losing my erection! I got my dick back in that nasty pussy just in time. You know how when your dick is only half hard and you can just barely nudge it in and you're like - "oh good!" My dick started getting hard again.

But I couldn't quite get my full erection back right away because I kept thinking, I thought. The other roommate - the less weird one of the two - was bound to open the door and let her in! Damn him! I didn't have to worry about the psychotic roommate opening the door because he was a recluse.

The crazier of the two roommates - the one I shared a wall with - had a relapse - that is he began one of his LOUD late night conversations with the television set about the crimes of the white man.

"THE WHITE MAN!" he exclaimed. We could hear him through the walls as clear as day as he made one of his eloquent speeches to the television set. He had been keeping it down lately, but tonight of all nights while a white man and a black woman made love, the angry black man next door was going on - "THE WHITE MAN! THE WHITE MAN BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH THE WHITE MAN BLAH BLAH BLAH -"

Copyright © 2006 by Wolf Larsen. All Rights Reserved. An adult book by Wolf Larsen.


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