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About Pricks, Cunts, Motherfuckers

The adult novel about New York City.

Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers may be the most blunt novel ever written! This book seethes with all the racial and class tensions that boil in that big beautiful rotten apple on the East Coast.

Wolf Larsen lived in New York City on and off for years. Wolf knows the urban delirium called New York City. He has set that crazed delirium into a funny adult novel called Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers.

The main character Bernie (a white man) moves to New York from the Midwest. He begins dating a beautiful black woman named Sandra.

This interracial love story occurs at a time when most Americans – white or black – were against interracial dating. In addition, Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers was written before the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis at the hands of sadistic murderers Dunn and Zimmerman.

The adult novel Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers is immoral, blasphemous, sleazy, and blunt. The pages drip and ooze with all those wonderful sins of drinking, drugging, and fucking.

With his book Pricks Cunts & Motherfuckers critics have accused Wolf Larsen of "... defecat(ing) on society."

One critic compared Wolf Larsen's Pricks Cunts & Motherfuckers to an episode of South Park, "... in which the boys try to write the most vulgar book possible..." Critics have also said that the book is evidence of "severe sexual depravity." Another critic says that Wolf Larsen "... writes with the mind of a foul gutter scum-bag..."  The critic went on to say that Wolf Larsen is evidence of how "...a sociopath becomes a writer... This is Animal House of the month reading."

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Pricks Cunts & Motherfuckers: The Novel About New York City

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