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Unalaska, Alaska
The novel by Wolf Larsen

The Alaska book about life at the top of the world.

The page turning novel Unalaska, Alaska is about life on America's final frontier. Excerpts from this wild unpredictable book have been published in literary magazines.

Unalaska, Alaska begins with the hard life on the fishing boats that roam near or above the Artic circle. Crew members work 115 hour weeks in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

This book then takes the reader to the island of Unalaska, Alaska - a place that looks and feels like the edge of the world.

On the island the reader encounters horrible storms where the snow blows horizontal - nightly brawls in the bars - and wild acts of promiscuity that would make even Hugh Hughner blush!

The Unalaska, Alaska book is closely based on the life of the author. Wolf Larsen was a crewmember on fishing boats in Alaska for nearly two years. After that, Wolf lived and worked on a seasonal basis for ten years on the Alaskan island from which the book gets its name.

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The island of Unalaska, Alaska where much of the book takes place.  PHOTO COURTESY OF ALASKA DEPT. OF COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
The island of Unalaska, Alaska
Wolf Larsen is the author of the Unalaska Alaska book.  Click here to read an interview of the Alaskan author.
Wolf Larsen worked in Alaska on a seasonal basis for 12 years!




Unalaska, Alaska - the novel

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Click here for an interview with Wolf Larsen! Read what he has to say about his twelve years living and working in rural Alaska!

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Unalaska, Alaska

Unalaska, Alaska: the novel by Wolf Larsen



Alaska Book

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