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Alaska Fishing

Unalaska, Alaska
The Alaska fishing book by Wolf Larsen.

Unalaska, Alaska is one exciting read! Commercial fishing in Alaska is one of the most dangerous professions in the world! This novel is closely based on Wolf Larsen's experiences in Alaska.

Literary magazines have published excerpts from Unalaska, Alaska.

Life on Alaskacommercial fishing boats is an awesome challenge. Crewmembers work incredibly long hours in horrible weather. Storms are constantly sinking the boats.

Later, the novel takes the reader to the island of Unalaska, Alaska - which is a remote island of volcanic mountains sticking up out of the sea.

The Unalaska, Alaska fishing book is as wild as the island itself - with its shocking fragant acts of sexual promiscuity.

At the local convenience store in Unalaska you can buy guns with your milk and eggs.

Wolf Larsen, the author of the novel Unalaska, Alaska, worked on Alaskan fishing boats for over a year. Then for ten years Wolf lived on the island of Unalaska, Alaska.

The island of Unalaska, Alaska
Wolf Larsen worked in Alaska for 12 years! Buy his book Unalaska, Alaska
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Alaska Fishing

an excerpt from UNALASKA, ALASKA

the book about Alaska fishing by Wolf Larsen


"David, so what's the deal? Did that chick get pregnant with your kid or what?" asked Fritz.

"Yeah. It's mine." David said.

"You get a D.N.A. test?" Fritz asked.

"I sure did! It's mine alright!" said David. "Now I've got to make child support payments for the next eighteen years!"

"That's why he's here throwing boxes," said Scotty with a smile.

David sort of laughed.

"But you must have been dating her for a while," said Scotty.

"No," said David. "It was just one night! I met her in the bar, and we went to her place. That was the only time we were together."

"Oh boy!" said Scotty.

"Well, congratulations!" exclaimed Fritz.

"Thanx!" said David. "I think," David added with a smile.

Later we finished work and got on the tugboat. Then the tugboat did something unusual - it went over to the side of the fishing boat and waited. Then we saw a pallet come out of the hold of the fishing boat.

"Oh, so they're bringing on a special load from the fishing boat," we thought.

But, as the pallet was lowered unto the tugboat, we saw that it wasn't a load - it was a man! They carefully placed him unto the deck of the tugboat and wrapped him up in blankets.

On the way to the dock they asked him over and over - "What's you name?" "Where are you?" "What day is it?" - and he answered in a very weak voice that the rest of us couldn't hear. They kept asking him those three questions over and over again, because they were afraid he was going to slip into a coma and die. They were trying to keep him conscious -

"What's your name?"

"What happened to him?!" Fritz asked.

"Where are you?"

"He was working in the hold of the fishing boat, and a box of fish fell off the pallet from three stories above and hit him in the head," said the tugboat deckhand.

"What day is it?"

"That's what happens when you work below the load," said Scotty.

"What's your name?"

"He wasn't working under the load! The load cleared the hatch and they whistled 'all clear' but one of the wires broke, and the load went backwards and fell into the hold," said the deckhand.

"Where are you?"

"Do you think he'll live?" asked Fritz.

"Who knows?" said the deckhand.

"What day is it?"

"He'll definitely have brain damage if he does," said Scotty.

"What's your name?"

"That could happen to any of us," Fritz said.

"Where are you?"




Alaska Fishing

False Pass on Unimak Island.  PHOTO CREDIT TERRY REEVES




When you work on the Bering Sea you sleep when you can. PHOTO CREDIT: KAREN DUCEY




The Bering Sea is full of sea lions, whales, dolphins, and lots and lots of fish!  PHOTO CREDIT: BILL HANEBERG PHOTOGRAPHY





Unalaska, Alaska - the novel

Unalaska, Alaska - buy it at amazon now!



Alaska Fishing

Click here for an interview with Wolf Larsen! Read what he has to say about his twelve years living and working in rural Alaska!

Wolf Larsen is the author of the Alaskan fishing book Unalaska, Alaska

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Unalaska, Alaska

Unalaska, Alaska: the novel by Wolf Larsen


Alaska Fishing

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