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The controversial novel!

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Wolf Larsen has proudly completed one of the most bizarre novels ever written. It is entitled Ten Thousand Penises in Your Ear. There is no plot and there are no main characters.

Ten Thousand Penises in Your Ear is the whole crazy world under the sun in one little book. Every phrase is alive with a screaming chaos, every page drips with a flowing sensuality, and every word thunders with violence.

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Ten Thousand Penises in Your Ear is just as explosive, chaotic, graphic, violent, and sexy as the world we live in. Buy this book online today!

(10,000 Penises in Your Ear is nominally about a bizarre world where a racist war-hungry oligarchy think they're God, but mostly this novel is just plain bizarre!)

The begining chapter of Ten Thousand Penises in Your Ear, the wild contemporary novel by Wolf Larsen.


        God and censored and Jehova were driNking whiskey together and taLking

about ----censored-----. jesus ChriSt was there bleEding all over you and cuRsing


        Suddenly your bRain became 100 times bigGer and the english langUage

went out for a waLk. Assault! That's wheN god said -

"I'm going to marRy a rock at the botteM of the ocean!"

- the -------------censored--------------------------. I couLdn't find a censored at

that moment so I turnEd the floOr into a skY of words. Your brain grew a

thousand times biGger and your bRain is a forest of clamoR, your brain is a

desert of floodS, your brain is a maZe of reStlesSnesS.

Some of the whitE peOple were eAting the deliRious waLls. Some of the bLack

peoPle were tRying to stAb-the-sUn stAb-the-sUn. It was like wAtching barbeD

wiRe groWing inside the bOdies of liTtle children. ThE nUclEar bOmbs arE

thrashing! THRASHING! impatient! THRASHING! IMPATIENT! thrashing-impatient!


A contemporary painting by Hundertwasser

In your living rOom there are a

thOusand censored-!-(bodieS-?-


mOaning like toothbrUshes and

scuLpting the air into their enDless

visiOns. The only soLution was to

defecAte on theM. ThE NuCLeAR

BOmBS ArE oN tHE WAy! CopuLating

skyScrapers kept groWing and groWing

inside of your living rOom.6 biLLion

pEople were sitting at a lOng table

eating windoWs and drinking the wiNd and watching cHrisT bleEd on them. It

wasn't a reasoN. It wasn't an answeR.

So the english language threW buildings in the ocean and still the

people scrEamed moons. eRoTic elecTric chairS!

        There were ten volcanic sUns in the skY. flames! flames! flames! For a

pLoT we created a bathroom. yoU are decOmpOsinG! All the human race began

wAtching the bathroom for thousands of years. flAmEs! So I became a

Longshoreman. The nUclEar boMbs were very nIce to mE.

        "I am a bottle of Whiskey," said censored. So censored began waLking

thrOugh CentrAl pArk dragGing the baThRoom with hiM and evEryoNe - lOoked -

uP -And-becAme- fa-l-l-iNg wOrds. All thE walls aRe kniveS? "so whaT iS a

skyscraper?"askEd your belly button. The skYscRaPers and sUbways suDdenly

explOde into miLLions and millIOns of geNitals of moleculeS. So Beethoven and

Wolf Larsen were walking hand in hand through central park and talking

impulsiveness to all the ants. tRains! meteoRs! An army of teN-thoUsanD

traNvestites carrying uNopened Whiskey bottles were walkinG silently

behind them.

Copyright © 2004 by Wolf Larsen

Ten Thousand Penises in Your Ear - the novel! Watch out! There's some sex, not appropriate for Puritans! Buy this book online today!

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