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Eulogy for the Human Race

The dark poetry book Eulogy for the Human Race echoes Edward Munch's scream into the twenty-first century!

Below are some of the most exciting dark poems in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Poems from Eulogy for the Human Race have been published in literary magazines.

Wolf Larsen's dark poetry is as wild and crazy as the world we live in! These poems live and breath with passion! The phrases jump into your eyes and dance in your brains like tornadoes!


from Eulogy for the Human Race

Love Poem by Wolf Larsen

And the world becomes a pool of floating human bodies and all you can do is

walk down the falling streets deluged with mental ill patients and drug addicts

and they’re all singing massacres and why are they sing?ing massacres while

the rains pour down inside your head and storms of memories paint black

canvases black canvases black canvases accompanied by disfigured poetry and

suicidal violins and that’s when hundreds of people begin committing suicide in

a public square downtown and your brain became filled with suicides and

immense seething obsessions and your girlfriend becomes pregnant with

crawling worms slithering through your vagina because your penis has become a

mushroom cloud and the mushroom cloud becomes the human race which is

floating across the earth in a pool of dead bodies... I paint black canvasses over

and over... the entire human race massively-violently panicking in death terror

and I love you so much that I think of our bodies rotting alongside of each other

in the earth - I love you so much that I paint rusting steel mills all over your

The dark painting the sacrifice by Kazuo Shiraga

body and I run naked through the new york city

subway system - that’s how much I love you -

and we walk through the minefield of the white

and black races millions of screaming black faces

on one side millions of screaming white faces on

the other side all screaming at us with

smoldering-shaking-volcanoes in their mouths

and faces as you and I and the baby in your

stomach walk through this minefield - and in our future together they will all

slam a thousand doors in our faces and hatred will turn our sons into killers of

both the white and black peoples and our daughter will run through insane

asylums until she is found hanging by her neck one beautiful sunny morning

while new york city rushes indifferently around her - you and I will breed on a

mountain of corpses of the white and black peoples - this is how much I love

you - the gun in my jacket ready for black nationalists and white supremacists

as we smilingly laugh down the darkened streets together - love and lust

between black woman and white man is something to kill for - and as the

rusting steel factories empty of workers never to return as all the scowling

frustrations burn seething on the south side of chicago as white and black

workers kill each other in the streets we shall lovingly embrace to the music of

gunshots and the cries of dying others will join our joyous cries of lovemaking

and the cries of six billion screaming others as Hutu kills Tutsi as Croat kills

Muslim who kills Serb who kills Croat as Hindus and Muslims kill each other we’ll

slowly pay off the mortgage and arrange for own funeral plots next to each other

as the dividing line between black and white on the south side becomes waves

of funeral plots running down both sides of the streets - you can be a social

worker presiding over endless waves of homeless humanity - alcoholism and

domestic violence all parading in your office slowly rotting you from within and I

can be a fireman fighting a hundred daily arsons and we can scream in our

clashing nightmares together and then wake up for another day of living

nightmares and after we die we can rot together side-by-side in the ground -

will you marry me? - I want someone to hold when the air raid sirens come - I

want someone to hold when the mushroom clouds blanket us with the whiteness

of death. . .

Copyright © Wolf Larsen 1998, dark poetry book Eulogy



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