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Depression Poem

Eulogy for the Human Race

Depression poem! Eulogy for the Human Race is a hurricane of imagery that jumps off the pages!


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Each one of Wolf's depression poems rushes off the page with all the happiness and sadness of life!

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from Eulogy for the Human Race


Depression Poem

Insanity is bleeding
By Wolf Larsen

I reach my hand down my throat and into my gut and pour out words scattering all over the page, I wanted the mournful floor to swallow me, I walked outide alone and the sky became a huge blackness rushing over me carrying lonely quiet screams with the thrashing wind, on the subway train I felt like we were on a huge laughing bullet crashing through someone's heart, a young man dying on the sidewalk above stares up at the happy blue sky lauging at him, his guts aall over the dirty white asphalt look like some madman's smiling painting, I am on the D train rushing forward to a nervous breakdown, I desperately clutch at buildings but they only becme soft blood in my hands, I keep dying over and over again, I howl through the galaxies and millions are screaming with the winds around and around the world and millions of corpses begin falling from my hands and there's nothing I can do but watch. . .

Copyright © Wolf Larsen 1998, a depression poem


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Depression Poem

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