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Erotic Poetry


Wolf Larsen

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The Erotic Poetry
of Wolf Larsen

about The Orgy of ---------- ----------

Erotic poetry! Sexy poems moaning off the page!

Some poems are sensual - others are not - The Orgy of ---------- ---------- is filled with all kinds of exciting poetry!

The poetry in this book are a river of sexy imagery that weave in and out of erotic themes!

The erotic kiss by Klimt

Wolf Larsen wrote the poems in The Orgy of ---------- ---------- while he was living in northern Brazil.


Erotic Poetry

The Orgy of ---------- ---------- by Wolf Larsen


T.V. Evangelism

Millions of women's belly buttons are bouncing all over the moon

Copyright ©2005 by Wolf Larsen, a sensual poetry hedonist!



Millions of Butterflies Crashing Through Prokofiev's Music

Your penis shoots a highway across the Amazon rainforest (and

the moon falls up into a round-about dream) and another

highway swerves out of your penis and crashes through the

North American continent and the George Washington bridge

leaps to the moon and now all the Dominicans in Harlem are

dancing on the moon and then we throw salsa and New York

City and brazil and Alaska and Picasso into a big boiling pot and

the Poet jumps out of the boiling pot and hands you the clamor

of a poem and you're holding the naked body of the poem in

your hands and then you turn into a squirming oozing poem and

you're holding the sun in your hands and the sun and the

happiness and the erupting sexual music and the wome!n of

every hue and color and race imaginable are all smiling like

naked Picasso nudes and you get drunk and fall into a burning

beautiful hell of millions of beautiful woman all walking out of

a beer bottle and Modigliani is painting all the women of the

world naked all over the walls on buildings in every city on the


Copyright ©2005 by Wolf Larsen, the erotic poetry sinner!



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