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Eulogy for the Human Race

Famous poem or infamous poem? Eulogy for the Human Race is a controversial book of poetry. Sex and violence oozes from many of the pages. Wolf's writing style smashes tradition into bits!

Poems from Eulogy for the Human Race have been published in literary magazines.

Reading one of Wolf Larsen's poems is like drowning in a sea of imagery! Wolf's famous or perhaps infamous poems are as bloody and violent and sexy as the world we live in!

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A poem from Eulogy for the Human Race


Famous Poem
(or infamous poem)

I am the Poet
By Wolf Larsen

I am the Poet so I tear highways out of the ground, I rip buildings out of the earth and throw them at God, I plunge my hands into your flesh and pull the human race out of your corpse, I tear poetry out of my mind and I fling poetry at the heavens and the heavens collapse with rampaging earthquakes, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------censored---------------------------------------------------------------------------------, I am the Poet and I impregnate all your wives and thus the entire human race becomes poets and sculptores and painters, and -------------------------------------censored---------------------------, I throw all the planets into orbit - I throw the earth around the sun with my curveball, I throw all the stars into the sky and then I grab all the stars into my hands and I break them and all the stars fall over the cities, I throw industry and railroads and highways across the planet, and I grab the continents and I mo!ve them because  I am the Poet...

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