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There are NO photos of people naked or doing the natural. Literary magazines have published many of the poems in Pornography.

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Smoking a Bowl of New York City
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

Thousands of words were walking towards you and me and then every page in the censored became a furnace of naked bodies and snakes and incest and then you jumped off the world and you watched the words flow around the planets and every planet was screaming its own poetry at you and thousands of entangled people with electric chair faces were all flying around you like a tornado - and then a stream of insane children babbling graveyards walked by and they all walked into the boiling-bubbling-pots and pans in your kitchen - (A monster was eating you because you taste like tranquility) - you dipped your finger in all your own blood that was ankle deep across the continent and you wrote your contagious poetry across everyone's face with it and suddenly you became billions of people in that single moment, you walk to the end of the human race

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