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Friendship Poem Poetry


Friendship poem!

Hey friend! Wolf Larsen's poetry is as exciting as losing your virginity!

Friendship poems and sexy poetry all jump out of the page at you!

Poems from Pornography have been published in literary magazines. There are NO photographs of nudity or sex.

Wolf Larsen travels and travels and travels! The friendly poems in Pornography were written in New York City, Alaska, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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Friendship Poem Poetry

Thousands of Insane Rivers Rumbling and Thrashing Through Your Brains
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

Millions of penises are entangled with your circling curving phrases (the car is made out of your mother's flesh), that's why every disease is a poem ravaging through your body, it's like millions of beds with fornicating couples on them floating through your room, it's why this page is human flesh that I carve all the plagues of your mind on or why the word misery is every single word that I have ever written

Copyright ©2004 by Wolf Larsen



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