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Funny poems that laugh off the page! Life is hilarious and poetry should be that way too.

Well, not all the poetry in Pornography is funny. The poems are sensual, exotic, delirious, sad, happy, and never boring. Boring sucks!

Poems from Pornography have been published in literary magazines.

Sorry, but there are no pictures of nudity except the painting on the cover.

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The funny poems in Pornography were written in New York City, Alaska, Japan, Korea, the province of Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Holland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Peru.

Funny Poem

Caligula Marching to the End of a Sentence with the Roman Army
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

Since the crane is a word inside of the poem the Middle Ages never happened, that is why the Middle Ages kiss you every time you ride a sip of orange juice down the Poet's throat - which is why every phrase of poetry is a phrase of sculptures, (I touch all the stars and re-arrange them) and my spermatozoa is the father of Christopher Columbus who does not land in India and that's why you're stuck in traffic in New York City, now if a city is scattering through the middle of your head then the poem will not shoot through your head, babies and old age and corpses and semen are all the words in my hands squiggling and squirming like a maggot wandering through your brain matter in the luxury of eternity
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