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Literary Magazines
& Wolf Larsen

Literary magazines have turned to Wolf Larsen's poems, novels, plays, and other works to give their readers a new, dynamic literature.

Wolf Larsen has been published in over forty literary magazines in countries around the world.

These literary magazines include Aries, Ascent, Blue House, Erbacce (U.K.), Eotu Zine, Four Volts (U.K.), Kritya (India), Linkway (U.K.), Offeta Speciale (Italy), Other Voices, Pannus, Pegasus, Poetry Motel, Phantasmagoria, The Seventh Quarry (U.K.), Sirrose (Brazil), Spillway, Splizz (U.K.), Stray Dog, Unheard Words, and others.

The great modern Salvador Dali: The Hallucinogenic Toredor.


Literary Magazines
& Wolf Larsen

Spillway was one of the first literary magazines to publish Wolf Larsen. The following appeared in Spillway back in the summer of 1999.

From The Exclamation Point! by Wolf Larsen

(The Exclamation Point is a run-on sentence that is three hundred pages long. This is an avant-garde explosion in contemporary literature.)


I arrived at the Amsterdam train station which everyone had warned me

about with screeches of death terror across the universe echoing a million

times over and I walked outta the station with visions of hordes of smack

shooting cocaine freaked weirded out people out of some Charles Dickens

novel or Les Miserables play all rampaging at me at once and my arms

flailing about me helplessly like a piece of meat in a den of lions but all there

was was this nice lady asking me if I wanted to stay in a youth hostile and

being all pumped up on seething adrenaline I stared at her with the glare of

a million tanks and armaments flashing out of my eyes at the smallish nice

lady - what a jeeerk I felt like afterwards and AIDS is de?ath i?n m?y bo?dy

The contemporary painting Paternoster by Hartwig Ebersbach.

- and I reached a junction and there was a

shattering war exploding therein the

intersection between the tottering old city

and the surrounding new bauhaus city -

Bauhaus waiting to attack me and instill in me

anxiety and alienation turning the earth into

one big parking lot under a sun filling the

entire sky - and the crowds shout for some

red rum smack up their arm all the junkies

running around in frenzied circles of

desperate need all over the streets crawling over buildings and looking

under the sky and through all the morass of walls and concrete for a shot up

the - spike - vein of that - spike - red rum smack - spike - up the - spike - up

the arm everyone wants to shoot a little death into them,

everyone wants to swallow a little death grab a little death smear

themselves in death stare at death highways roaring with death and so I

was sitting in a cafe surrounded by this thin long square of a room with its

walls painted with cracked and falling worlds exposing scenes

of maddening rushing crowds upon you and searchlights and flashing colors

and ... uh-oh ... no the people didn't turn into some freakish cubism of faces

parading about in a George Grosz kind of world mixed with neo-

expressionist shouting disturbing kind of oils, nor did my brain cave in with

explosions of thoughts pressing in on

me like the massive grave the world

issoon to be?, instead the hurricaneing

world was moving inside my

headexploding in exuberant gushes of

pink and blue indigo with all my thoughts


THOUGHTS and the entire threatening

universe was burning and I could hear

god laughing at me as I was thrown off

the edge of the planet into the galaxy

falling forever into black space

screaming with my arms reaching out in

terror to the nothing to grasp in the

forever falling blackness of infinite

space, perhaps it wasn't so much the

cannabis as it was the cannabis

unleashing all my natural insanity

normally repressed from view scarcely

repressed from view from the searing

all-knowing open wide eyes at me in my

The right panel of the painitng Hell by Hieronymous Bosch

own paranoia in the crashing falling

room because I was afraid all my thoughts would leak out ... and all the

seats in that drowning room were filled with living replications of Jesus who

all would know what a child-molesting sever-your-head-and-put-it-in-a-

refrigerator kind of guy I am trying not to laugh hysterically uncontrollably

at the thought of it trying to bolt steel screwing bolts down into hard

armored plates over my conspicuous personality that was about to gush out

in a series Ludwig Meidner self-portraits and I was sitting there in the

coffee shop feeling that at any moment the colossal machines of war were

going to come crashing down on the human race beloooooooooowing their

way through the debris of shattered cities and rolling over dead bodies or

that the whole of squirming humanity would set upon each other in a wild

storm of primitive butchery and civilization would crack and whole entire

cities with all their skyscrapers and hulking factory buildings and

warehouses would all come crashing falling down on whole multitudes of

screaming people burying us in an avalanche of arms and legs and bleeding

torsos and heads with bullet holes through their skulls sort of like a nice day

in the park or a pleasant night spent sleeping on the New York City subway

or maybe in a dry doorway somewhere, I was drifting in pinks and light

blues out of that coffeeshop in Amsterdam cracking crumbling falling walls

entering my brain entering the eternal chaos and darkness of my mind

imagining all your corpses as sprawled out still lifes across the urban

landscapes of the world after the mushroom clouds loom over the horizon

Copright 1998 by Wolf Larsen


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