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Love Poetry Poem

Love poetry! Love poems dripping off the page!

Pornography Poems does not have any naughty pictures! The poetry is happy and sad, angry and forgiving, relaxed and intense - you can find everything in Pornography poems.

The love poems and all the other poetry in this book are truely unique. No one writes like Wolf Larsen!

Love!  The Kiss by Klimt

Wolf Larsen wrote the poems in Pornography while he was living in Alaska and Peru and traveling in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. This book will not bore you for a single moment! Love poetry!


Love Poetry Poem

from Pornography Poems by Wolf Larsen

A Poem that Ate Stars into Your Living Room
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

You are my blue sky, when I see you with my two clamoring eyes all the flat land surrounding us suddenly jumps up into mountains and Picasso leaps out of his grave and he's suddenly painting all the walls in the city with your naked body again and again - every living thing on earth trembles with lust whenever you walk by all the stars in the sky repeat your name again and again like warhead symphonies lunging with desire, you make the world bloom with a surge of flowers just by breathing, whenever I touch me thinking of you poetry marches and conquers all along my skin - your smile created the universe...
Copyright ©2005 by Wolf Larsen, the love poetry sinner!



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