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Wolf Larsen is an American whose wild poetry book has been described online as avant-garde, exciting, post modern, and very very yippeeeeeee! Wolf Larsen is one exciting poet!

The post modern painting Amboosh by Peter Saul.

Modern Poetry Online

Many postmodern poems from Yippee! have been published in literary magazines both online and in print from.



All boundaries of expression are smashed open in this wild work of literature.

YIPEEEEEEEE! is the author's second choice for this book's title. Wolf's

first title choice was simply too controversial. The book is in a bilingual format (English/Español).


Modern Poetry Online


The Universe in not Big Enough for a Poem

The novel became a war about drums flying and flying past the millions of miles

drooling in your brains, your brains bubbling and bubbling with monologues and

spasms and cruelty is the whoppeeeeeeee (the sky is made of human flesh) and

I'll hit poetry over and over again with my fists and then I'll charge out of the

gates of hell and I'll turn the earth into a big beautiful sinful hell (because my

Penis is spurting gods into the wombs of the human race) - my veins are flowing

with Viking lust and rage and I am the Poet so I write with my Penis

Copyright © 2004 by Wolf Larsen, post modern poetry online.


The North Star Beckoning Your Ancestors to the Slums

The poem swirls around and invents itself while the ocean walks through the city

making love to all the buildings and then you begin climbing out of yourself you

become millions of comets searching for a poem you become billions of human

beings in a wave of hallucinations or the city spins around and around the earth

or a giraffe eats all the planets out of the sky or you become a great big giant

sun in the sky and millions of atoms dance around each other like wild moons,

everything is the hunger for a poem

Copyright © 2004 by Wolf Larsen, "the god" of post modern online poetry.

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