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Poem About Life


Poem about life! Experience it! Taste it! Have sex with it! Read it!

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My sincere apologies, but there are no pictures of people posing in the natural. Poems from Pornography have been published in literary magazines.

Wolf Larsen travels a whole lot! The poetry in Pornography Poems were written while Wolf was traveling in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

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Poem About Life

from Pornography poems

Four Horns Trying to Find the Center of an Orgasm
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

One day a poem invented a Poet and then the Poet wrote the poem that invented him and then thousands of readers were buried under the poem in a mass grave and a trumpet and a saxophone floated their eulogies and at the funeral was a dozen wild men swinging baseball bats at each other to create the gentle sway of a poem and the poem jumps up like a mountain and the poem beats and beats its fists into the sky and everyone beats and beats their fists against the poem in a thunderous rhythm and the people cut themselves up into a giggling delight and serve themselves to each other for dinner and then the building rolls around your head and everyone around you simultaneously goes insane so you all write a poem together and the walls become human beings hugging you and hugging you with grenades in their hands
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