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Poem Ever

Eulogy for the Human Race

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Poems from Eulogy for the Human Race have been published in literary magazines.

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Poem Ever

from Eulogy for the Human Race

The World is a Prison
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

I reach across the new York sky and find my hands full of words while abusive and rotting colors are crawling down your body and falling through the streets and I open my mouth and feel my words crashing into buildings while your hurricaneing eyes are roaring at me because bombs are pouring out of my face and everyone suddenly becomes naked and penises and anuses become this entangled death storming through the cities and I paint the sky with anuses and penises while everyone laughs with massive color flooding out of their mouths color fragmenting all around them ravaging the landscape with orange and red and yellow while naked couples run to the graveyards with cancerous smiles jumping from their faces and a gunshot just crashed through everyone's thought
Copyright © Wolf Larsen 1998



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