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There are no beautiful models taking their clothes off in this book. Poems from Pornography have been published in literary magazines.

Wolf Larsen travels a whole lot! The poetry in Pornography Poems were written on three continents! Whoopee!

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Poetry & Poems!

Eat poetry daily! Have some poetry that's delicious, sad, sensual, dark, free, modern, sweet, def, gothic, erotic, sexy, funny, romantic, and everything else you can imagine! Wolf Larsen is the famous or infamous poet and writer of prose and verse in English and Spanish. Read some of Wolf Larsen's poems about life - poetry of friendship, depression, and love!


Here's some poems from Pornography.


Walk Through My Poem and Feel the Sunlight Holding You Forever

first I dream the entire world into your head, I recreate the universe

again and again just for you, Upon my back I carry all the most

beautiful temples of the world and I place them all one by one all

over your naked body, every sunrise crawling across the landscape

is a gift from me to you, I burn down hate and I throw suns of Love

throughout the universe just for You

Copyright ©2004 by Wolf Larsen, poetry & poems!



Drug Addicts Vacationing on a Street Corner
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

You're talking with millions of yourselves all around you and there's cigarette butts flying and flying around and your grandmother walks into the room with a gun and shoots you and so you're outside having sex with a fire hydrant and asking all the millions of gods falling out of a dog's urine about thousands of question marks sprouting out of everything, (the drug addicts are stealing the sky) then all the houses turn into the rowdy syllables of a poem running and running through the dead end street of the human race and then millions of sledgehammers are bashing and bashing through the poem and a young Pendericki is conducting all the sledgehammers and there are thousands and thousands of clones of your naked sister swinging and swinging sledgehammers at the poem that completely surrounds everybody and everything

Copyright ©2004 by Wolf Larsen, poetry & poems!



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Poetry & Poems by Wolf Larsen

The famous or infamous American poet and writer Wolf Larsen writes poems in English and Spanish that are dark, def, erotic, free, funny, gothic, modern, postmodern, romantic, sad, sensual, sexy, and sweet. His published books of prose poety are full of depression, friendship, love - his poems are about life. Wolf's spoken word poetry is ever dramatic! Live poetry daily!



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Poetry (from the [Greek] 'poiesis'/ποίησις [poieo/ποιεω], a making: a forming, creating, or the art of poetry, or a poem) is a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its apparent meaning. Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns, lyrics, or prose poetry. It is published in dedicated magazines (the longest established being Poetry and Oxford Poetry), individual collections and wider anthologies.

Poetry and discussions of it have a long history. Early attempts to define poetry, such as Aristotle's Poetics, focused on the uses of speech in rhetoric, drama, song, and comedy. Later attempts concentrated on features such as repetition, verse form and rhyme, and emphasized the aesthetics which distinguish poetry from more objectively informative, prosaic forms of writing, such as manifestos, biographies, essays, and novels. From the mid-20th century, poetry has sometimes been more loosely defined as a fundamental creative act using language.

Poetry often uses particular forms and conventions to suggest alternative meanings in the words, or to evoke emotional or sensual responses. Devices such as assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and rhythm are sometimes used to achieve musical or incantatory effects. The use of ambiguity, symbolism, irony, and other stylistic elements of poetic diction often leaves a poem open to multiple interpretations. Similarly, metaphor, simile, and metonymy create a resonance between otherwise disparate images—a layering of meanings, forming connections previously not perceived. Kindred forms of resonance may exist, between individual verses, in their patterns of rhyme or rhythm.

Some forms of poetry are specific to particular cultures and genres, responding to the characteristics of the language in which the poet writes. While readers accustomed to identifying poetry with Dante, Goethe, Mickiewicz and Rumi may think of it as being written in lines based upon rhyme and regular meter, there are traditions, such as Biblical poetry, that use other approaches to achieve rhythm and euphony. Much of modern British and American poetry is to some extent a critique of poetic tradition, playing with and testing (among other things) the principle of euphony itself, to the extent that sometimes it deliberately does not rhyme or keep to set rhythms at all. In today's globalized world poets often borrow styles, techniques and forms from diverse cultures and languages.


Poetry & Poems by Wolf Larsen


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