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Romantic Poetry & Poems


Romantic poetry! Poems caressing the page!


The poetry in this book is dripping with romantic imagery!


Wolf Larsen wrote the Pornography poems while he was traveling around the world.

The romantic Kiss by Klimt

Romantic Poetry & Poems

from Pornography Poems by Wolf Larsen


A Poem that Drank the Planets Out of the Sky
By Wolf Larsen

As the world marches forward into world war three I write a poem, as the land opens its legs to the falling nuclear missiles I make love to you on a huge white page of loudness the words touching and touching our nakedness like a roar, and we proudly hold up our baby to sacrifice for the approaching mushroom clouds and we smile and smile like shipwrecks at each other and the composers smile like hundreds of monsters sleeping on your tongue and the composers laugh like every fantastic nightmare you have ever touched, in contemporary baroque I unite six billion voices singing their own eulogy, on beautiful sunny days all the flowers are reciting the last words of the human race
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(Contains no nudity)

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Romantic Poetry


The best known Romantic poets  were Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, and Keats  and their poetry was dependent on various features peculiar to their time: a reaction against previous literary styles, arguments with eighteenth century and earlier philosophers, the decline in formal Anglican worship and the rise of dissenting religious sects, and the rapid and unprecedented industrialization of Britain and consequent changes in its countyside. Above all, however, it was the impact of the French Revolution which gave the period its most distinctive and urgent concerns. Following the Revolution itself, which began in 1789, Britain was at war with France on continental Europe for nearly twenty years while massive repression of political dissent was implemented at home. Against this background much of the major writing of the period, associated with the term Romantic, takes place between 1789 (when the French Revolution began) and 1824 (the death of Byron) and can be seen as a response to changing political and social conditions in one respect or another.

Poetry & Poems by Wolf Larsen

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