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Sad Poems & Poetry

Eulogy for the Human Race

The sad poems in Eulogy for the Human Race are bursting with everything horrible and wonderful in this world.


Sad poetry from Eulogy for the Human Race has been published in literary magazines.


Each one of Wolf's poems rushes off the page with tidal waves of imagery that drown the reader.

Sad Poems & Poetry

from Eulogy for the Human Race

Composition 5
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

Her room was drenched with lonliness
I felt alcohol become the universe
Sound splintered through the audience
Sound became rivers waves oceans through the bar
People were happy for one small moment
Smiles erased the universe
Faces collided with rythms and words became prisons while I became so obsessed with words that I live in chaos, I burn with words for my obsessions while neighborhoods become abstract and melt into paint - it's been years since the sun - it's been years since the sun - it's been years since the sun and earth melted into the universe...
Copyright © Wolf Larsen 1998, a sad poem



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