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Sensual poetry book Pornography oozes with all that is decadent in life!

Pornograpy poems is poetry on life and war and love and attraction and travel.

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Pornography Poems were written during Wolf Larsen's travels on three different continents!

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Sensual Poetry!

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My toungue dancing in Your P*ssy
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

When my tongue dances into your p*ssy you can feel a poem circling around the earth and kissing the sun, I can taste your poetry it's like all the wild animals of the jungle running crazy all over your city, I want to paint you over and over again in impressionism and expressionism and fauvism and cubism and yes I want to paint you in abstract expressionism until every painting combines all the art movements into one freight train of you, if you run naked across all the battlefields of the world there will never be another war again, if you kiss and kiss each soldier on his penis with your genital lips all the soldiers will just shoot their officers and go home, if you tell the blue sky "te queiro" there will never be a gray sky again because the blue sky will love you and love you, if you dress sexy the streets will be so happy that all the men and lesbians will begin painting the roaring of happiness on every surface of everything as you walk on by...
Copyright ©2004 by Wolf Larsen, the sensual poet



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