Sexy poems from the hedonistic prose poetry book Pornography.
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Sex Poem!
Sexy Poetry!


A sex poem jumping off the page from the sexy poetry book Pornography! Eat poetry! Drink poetry! Live poetry!

Pornograpy poems is poetry on sex, drinking, drugs, and all the all the other wonderful immoral things in life!

The sexy poems in Pornography have appeared in many literary magazines. This book does not contain photographs.

Wolf Larsen wrote Pornography Poems in Alaska, New York City, and Lima, Peru.

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Sex Poem!
Sexy Poetry!

from Pornography poems


Every Line of Poetry is a Fire Running Through the City
A Poem By Wolf Larsen

Because the fire is a poem and wherever your hands touch your skin thousands of lovers began making love to each other all over your nakedness and all the windows and walls and mirrors become different men touching and kissing and holding your female body as you float softly into outer space and the whole universe begins orbiting around you as the most beautiful men in the world begin making love to you and your body is a honey of anticipation and yearning and the poem floats away from you and all your dead bodies are all floating in the same oozing stew and the poem is a fire that you touch and eat and your body becomes a world and millions of people are frolicking and fornicating in the garden of eden that is your naked body and your nakedness drips and oozes and drizzles all over the poem and you feel your nakedness singing murder the words all breaking apart into syllables that wander off into the dark shadows and make love

Copyright ©2004 by Wolf Larsen, the sexy poet




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