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The title I Have a Nightmare is a play on the speech by the Black American pacifist who was assassinated the same year Wolf Larsen was born.

Each short story in I Have a Nightmare takes place in a different part of America.

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The short story Goin' Fishin' or Slavery at Sea is about the harsh life on the commercial fishing boats that rove the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia.

New York, New York shows the reader the lives of three different young migrants to the big mess known as the big apple - a Midwesterner, a Latina immigrant, and a Haitian woman who pays for her tuition by selling her body.

In The Suburb an adolescent male moves to the suburbs from the inner city and proceeds to raise hell with everybody. His family doesn't know whether to lock him up in a maximum security mental ward or just send him to military school.

Return is about a restless young man who itches to leave his hometown in the Midwest all over again the very second the plane lands there.

Johnny Goes West is the short story about a young man that gets bored with Middle America and jumps a train for San Francisco and all the people he meets along the way.

Discontents is a story about the racial and political controversies that tear apart a college campus.

Most of these stories are not overtly political - but through the lives of its people I Have a Nightmare shows that the American dream is a lie for all but the privileged few.

The short stories in I Have a Nightmare were written while Wolf Larsen was living in Honduras in Central America.


Short Story Online

from NEW YORK, NEW YORK by Wolf Larsen


"Welcome to Harlem, white man!"

"I live here."


- yes he lives here getting out of the subway walking home. Now why in the hell would a white man live in Harlem? Because he's poor, that's why.

But he doesn't live in Black Harlem. He lives in this Dominican neighborhood, a little scrawny skinny of a sliver two blocks wide and 40 blocks long on the Hudson River. From 140th all the way to Washington Heights. Uptown Broadway in the afternoon. Crowded with Dominicans, some blacks, and one very poor white man.

He walks into a bodega - "┐Hola, todo estÚ bien?" "┐Si, si todo bien - y tu?" "Mas o menos." - and buys macaroni and cheese. Yes, he knows some Spanish.

At that same moment a big 'ol plane is descending on New York. Inside there is a young senorita, cute, short, and very nervous. 19 years old. Her name is Sara. She's never been out of her country before and now it's New York New York (!) her heart - boom - boom! boom - boom! - the city beating beating life along with her nervous jittery heart. Yes, she can see the lights of the city extending extending - everywhere! Car lights moving below this city blood flowing through those streets and highways these veins and arteries flowing through this living breathing metropolis. And the plane now descending carrying Sara into its midst. New York coming at her full speed.

God is she nervous. Put yourself in her shoes. Imagine, growing up in a Latin country tranquilo. Your traditional Catholic family guarding you closely. And then you're thrown into all the New York New York.

Ana (a different character now). East Village. A darkly lightly lit apartment. Cozy. Feminine. Dark colors. She is sitting down knowing she has to get up not wanting to but she has to. She knows it.

Soft music. She undresses. In that bare light, her naked black skin. Her movements... It's the way she touches this, moves that... even the way she draws the shower curtain. Everything she does is. She dresses. She must think beautiful.

But behind her face a mask a pain so indescribable. Wrenching ripping away inside the outward mask of complacency. This anguished torment. No. Just think beautiful. The pain. The little girl dancing inside shedding tears. Though you cannot see this in her smile as she's walking down the stairway. Long dress. Classy. Expensive. And tight. Very tight. With a cut up the right leg. One long tease of black leg.

She has that walk as she's out the door - shut! - into the street. That walk. High heels. Powerfully shaped legs - click-click swooosh-swooosh click-click swooosh-swooosh - her buttocks swooshing with each click of her heels and with the ease of a million times she hails a cab and gives an address and is whizzed off from above the cab is one of the specs of light flowing through the city.

Copyright © 1994 by Wolf Larsen

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I Have a Nightmare - buy it at Amazon now!

I Have a Nightmare - buy it at Amazon now!



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