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Travel Around the world?
Why Not?
The novel by Wolf Larsen

Travel web site? Yes, because here you can discover the thrilling page-turning book Travel Around the World? Why Not? This account of traveling to Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe will help you to reach greater understanding of the amazing diversity of cultures and peoples on our planet! And you'll have fun reading it! This novel is funny and exciting and so much more! It's a web of adventure that takes you to sites and cultures around the world.

Travel Around the World? Why Not?! is a must read closely based on Wolf Larsen's life as he travels to sites all over the world.

Wolf Larsen has traveled through forty-five countries. Buy his book Travel Around the World at Amazon.com.

Wolf Larsen's life changed when we woke up one morning and he decided to travel through Latin America. That same day he was headed to Peru! The novel weaves together a web of adventures and exotic sites on four different continents.

In this humorous book the reader travels to a web of cities and geographical splendors and different cultures and historical sites.

In Travel Around the World? Why Not?! you will experience forty-five countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Click to read an excerpt from TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD? WHY NOT?! by Wolf Larsen


Travel Web Site

Hong Kong at night

Travel to sites around the world!  Photo credit: Brian Tidlund
Photo credit: Brian Tidlund




Travel around the world web site - Photo credit: Sung Photos
Photo credit: Sung Photos


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Wolf Larson books at Amazon



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Capitalism Sucks: the BOOK by Wolf Larsen. How a privileged few cause endless human misery throughout the world.


See what Wolf Larsen has to say about the very informative leftist newspaper Workers Vanguard, which is published by the Spartacist League. ( Wolf Larsen is not a member of theSpartacist League, and is not involved in the publication of Workers Vanguard.)


Unalaska, Alaska

Unalaska, Alaska: the novel by Wolf Larsen



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