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This is the type of poetry that devours the reader and expoldes imagery off the pages!

This is a freaky zip zing type of poetry!

The book has no photographs. Poems from Pornography have been published in literary magazines.

Wolf Larsen wrote Pornography Poems on three different continents.

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Type of Poetry

from Pornography poems

A Sentence that was Born in Your Mother's Climax
By Wolf Larsen

The poem fights its way passed all the monsters clinging to the walls and the opera voices create the mountains and the oceans and then the sky laid down with the poem and the sky said to the poem "Hundreds of tomatoes ran out of the supermarket and jumped into the sky and became planets" and the poem said to the earth "We put every planet into a can on the supermarket shelf and all the supermarket shelves are singing lotus blossoms" and the earth said to the sky "When all the plants and flowers go insane all the worms in the ground will grow human faces on both ends."
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