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Travel Around the world?
Why Not?
The novel by Wolf Larsen

World travel is the greatest high! Jump on an airplane or a train or a bus and just go somewhere!

Travel Around the World? Why Not?! is a spontaneous novel closely based on Wolf Larsen's freaky wild adventures jumping all over this planet of ours.

The travel novel begins one morning in Ecuador when Wolf Larsen decides to take a journey all over Latin America. That very day Wolf jumps on a bus for Peru and begins his journey traveling all over the world!

Wolf Larsen: world traveler, adventurer, novelist, playwright, and poet.  Click here to read an interview with Wolf Larsen!
Wolf Larsen has traveled to over forty countries.

The prose races forward with spontaneity and throws the reader into near-death encounters and sizzling romances. In addition, this world travel novel gives the reader unique insights into the great variety of cultures on our planet.

In Travel Around the World? Why Not?! you will experience the civilizations and cultures and geographical beauty of over forty countries across the globe.

Click to read an excerpt from Travel Around the World? WHY NOT?! by Wolf Larsen

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